Meet the Experts

Energy Report Nevada is run by Nevadans for Affordable, Clean Energy Choices, a coalition of nearly 1,000 small businesses and Nevadans dedicated to bringing Energy Choice and lower energy bills to the State of Nevada.

We’re dedicated to connecting Nevadans with energy experts. Meet some of the experts behind this website.

Jon Wellinghoff

A graduate of the University of Nevada, Reno, Jon Wellinghoff served as Nevada’s first Consumer Advocate and Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). He was appointed to FERC by President Bush and appointed as Chairman by President Obama. He is a leading national expert in energy policy and the author of an enhancement to Nevada’s original Renewable Portfolio Standard. Mr. Wellinghoff has also served as legal counsela to U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, the Federal Trade Commission, and the Nevada Public Utility Commission.

Joshua D. Weber

Josh is a partner at Davison Van Cleve and one of the nation’s leading energy attorneys. He has built significant expertise in procurement of energy resources, including renewables, and in helping both large direct access customers as well as consumer-owned utilities in the Northwest and Southwest navigate rapidly changing energy markets. He has also served as Energy Counsel for several cooperative utilities, and general counsel to Nevada’s largest electric cooperative.

Mark Garrett

Mark Garrett is a nationally recognized adviser specializing in electric utilities and natural gas distribution and serves as an instructor at the New Mexico State University Center for Public Utilities. He previously served as an analysis for Oklahoma’s Corporation Commission, focused on auditing major public utility companies. He testified before Governor’s Sandoval’s Committee on Energy Choice and authored a detailed report on The Energy Choice Initiative in Nevada.

Scot Rutledge

Scot Rutledge has been fighting for strong renewable energy policies in the state of Nevada for nearly a decade. He served as Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League and worked with a coalition of other environmental groups to defeat NV Energy’s proposals for new coal-fired power plants in addition to expanding Nevada’s renewable energy portfolio standard.

Dave Chase

Dave Chase is Executive Director of the Nevadans for Affordable, Clean Energy Choices, a coalition of nearly 1,000 small businesses focused on bringing Energy Choice to Nevada. He also served as a Chief of Staff to a Nevada Member of Congress and in senior staff roles on half a dozen U.S. Congressional Campaigns.