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Does energy choice work in other states?

By Joshua D. Weber, Partner at Davison Van Cleve and national renowned energy attorney The decision of whether or not to implement energy choice in Nevada this fall is a big one—and Nevadans are clamoring to know if restructuring the energy market has worked for other states before they cast their votes. Fortunately, studies done in recent years by universities

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Will Question 3/energy choice lower rates?

By Jon Wellinghoff, Former Chair of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Short answer—yes, energy choice lowers rates in states that implement it. Choice leads to competition among providers bidding for consumer attention, which in turn cuts prices and increases savings. The 14 states that have implemented energy choice have seen their rates fall against inflation over the past decade, and if

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What is energy “deregulation”?

Energy Deregulation is not Energy Choice in Nevada

By Jon Wellinghoff, Former Chair of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission The term energy “deregulation” is a misnomer. More properly termed energy choice, this concept refers to the restructuring of a state’s energy market to eliminate energy monopolies and create an open, competitive marketplace. 14 states have moved to the energy choice model and have seen lower energy prices. Misconception The

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What does Question 3/energy choice mean for renewable energy in Nevada?

Rooftop Solar in Nevada

By Scot Rutledge, former Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League Nevada voters face an important decision on the future of energy this November. Question 3 would end the traditional energy monopoly and create an open, competitive energy market in the state of Nevada. So, what does this mean for renewable energy in the Silver State? Let’s Talk Solar Nevada

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